Baroque Oboes a = 392hz

Each instrument comes with one reed, one staple, a cleaning swab, a fingering chart, care instructions and soft case. Prices in US dollars.

Anonymous Oboe (“The Galpin”)

(French, late 17th century)

As a result of its low pitch, this oboe produces a dark, mellow sound. This is a good instrument for the music of French composers (especially Opera) as well as for the transposed oboe parts in some of Bach’s Weimar cantatas.

Two keys, 3rd and 4th holes doubled.


J.C. Denner Taille de Hautbois

(German, circa 1700)

This is a tenor oboe in the key of F similar to the taille listed above at a=415hz, but patterned after a longer Denner original.

Two keys, 3rd & 4th holes doubled.